I love thinking about how I can help other people unleash their potential and aligning what ever they do with what matters most to them. Most of us have either thought about or wish we knew what our BIG purpose is here on this earth. Maybe we have one or maybe we have many of them. I am of the belief that there is ONE BIG KAHUNA thing that we organize our entire lives around and wouldn’t it be great if we knew what that was or how to figure it out.

Here are the top 10 Ways I have found that work well to help you discover your purpose, shine your light and create your future…*

1. Get Quiet. Give your thoughts some room to wander.
2. Start anywhere. And then just take a baby step.
3. Articulate your intention. Tell someone.
4. Feel your way vs thinking your way through it. Use your heart not your head.
5. Schedule some personal self care activities. Always have at least one to look forward to on your calendar.
6. Ask for support. And help. You are not meant to do it alone.
7. Play more. Schedule play time with family and friends…no guilt allowed.
8. Look forward with anticipation. No looking back.
9. Do more things that have you freak out with joy.
10 Feel gratitude.

I’m on a rant lately talking with all my clients about purpose driven leadership. Did you know that purposeful leaders have 4.5 times more profit, are 5 times more innovative, and benefit from 9 times the employee engagement in their organizations. Sadly, research shows that only one out of five companies are purpose driven. Imagine what it would be like if the majority of people couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to get to work because it brought them so much joy!

Imagine you and those around saying..”I love my life. I get to wake up every morning to do something I love. I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. It’s the most wonderful thing. In fact, the best part is trying to figure out all the different ways I can do this more. It’s really amazing!”

*Adapted from Tut, A Note from The Universe.