Paint your future by leading with your strengths

Dr. Elvis Francois, MD is a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon in MN and is fondly known as the singing surgeon. What’s unusual about the guy is that his recent fame has come from a passion and skill set that has nothing at all to do with his day job as a surgeon. Leading with your talents can be your work or your passion.

Dr. Francois first gained national attention a couple of years ago when videos of his hospital musical performances went viral. You may have seen him as he has appeared on TV shows like Ellen, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, The Today Show, and CBS This Morning.

Dr. Francois’s music has gone viral because he’s using his music during this pandemic to shine a light on healthcare workers to raise money to help them and to offer comfort to others. Those who lead with their strongest talents in their work are happiest and more fulfilled.

The Singing Surgeon

Dr. Elvis Francois and his singing is a feel good story during this time of global corona virus pandemic. His “Music is Medicine” was charting #1 as an R&B album. Also of note is that he is donating 100% of the proceeds of his music to “The Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund,” which is focused on supporting nonprofit organizations working directly to respond to the pandemic among vulnerable populations and healthcare workers in need.

Manifesting the Impossible

But the human side of Dr. Francois’s story grabbed my attention as his journey has been truly unpredictable and not even remotely imaginable. In his own words, he calls himself an underdog. I call him a perfect example of pure manifestation. Here are some reasons he calls himself an underdog, in his own words.

“Definition of an underdog: a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.
Son of a single father Haitian immigrant who worked as a cab driver 16 hours a day to support us and the entire family back in Haiti…UNDERDOG
Not enough money. Dinner was splitting $10 meals at Pollo Tropical in Miami between my brother, father, and I….UNDERDOG
Suspended 13 times in 7th grade and told by my middle school teacher that “Even with your good grades with your bad behavior there’s no chance you’ll ever be a doctor” (she was right)…..UNDERDOG (…. thank you to all teachers nurturing troubled youth…and the difference that you have made in my life as a kid)
Showed up to undergrad competing to get into medical school with kids that grew up with $1,000 an hour tutors who probably got accepted via the college admission scandal in the first place….UNDERDOG
Walked into a music studio having never recorded a song professionally before and 3 days later @w_a_robinson and I have a #1 charting album in America …..#UNDERDOGS
I say all that to say…..many of you are struggling through this global pandemic as UNDERDOGS and the future might look dark and bleak ahead…….but I promise you if you work hard and if you give more love than you take in this world… will have no choice but to get better.”

Lead with Your Strongest Talents

Do you have what it takes?

Many of us has our own version of why we will never make it, why we are not talented enough and why we most probably won’t “make it”. Remember, your beliefs become your reality. Maybe you can’t sing as your day job (or maybe you can), but everyone can find a way to lead in their work and in their life with their strongest talents. Find a way to use yours ; it will make your heart sing with joy.

My new hero, Dr. Elvis Francois! What skills and talents might you nurture during this time of uncertainty? You just might end up with a new hobby or career.