We Are Experts in Leadership Development

We have 30 years of experience as strategic advisors to CEOs, executives, managers, high potential leaders and teams expanding their abilities to step into their full potential and drive business results.

Wendy Capland Vision Quest Consulting CEO

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Wendy Capland Leadership Training

Wendy Capland is an internationally recognized leadership development and Executive Coaching expert. With 30 years of business and leadership experience, Wendy has worked as CEO of Vision Quest Consulting to develop the top leadership talent of executives and leaders in global Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs who are creating more business success, playing a bigger game, and bringing forward their leadership in new ways to create extraordinary results. Wendy’s professional superpowers center around developing and inspiring others to step into their full potential in order to create powerful futures and start making bold moves towards it.

In addition to her corporate leadership development work, Wendy helps her clients to:

  • Increase personal power, personal effectiveness, executive presence, and influence
  • Build more effective strategic alliances/relationships
  • Build core leadership skills and competencies
  • Manage key stakeholders
  • Conduct high impact difficult conversations
  • Transform management teams’ relationships and results

Wendy holds deep corporate leadership development expertise. She has had many years of experience helping organizations develop their leadership roadmap and execute comprehensive program roll-outs across their organizations. Wendy acts as a sounding board and confidential thought-partner for executives and leaders in a wide range of industries.

In addition to her deep executive leadership knowledge and experience, Wendy has a special passion for developing women who want to learn new ways to more powerfully navigate themselves and their careers as women leaders. Wendy has written a best selling book, Your Next Bold Move for Women. She has been interviewed multiple times on NBC, Fox, featured in various publications for many years, and spoken at many of the most prestigious Women’s Leadership Conferences in the United States, sharing a stage with other notable women leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Meg Whitman and Sallie Krawcheck to name a few.

Wendy has held a Master Certified Coach certification for 26 years and is now MCC emeritus. This certification is the highest international designation awarded to coaches by the International Coach Federation, and she is honored to have held the designation as one of the top 4% of all certified coaches worldwide for decades. Wendy holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Business Management.

She can be found outside of work replenishing herself by traveling, learning to play golf (ha!) and learning to speak French. She is an avid weight lifter and gym rat as she is relentlessly obsessed with health and longevity.

We Are Experts in Leadership Training

  • We help organizations develop effective senior leaders to lead and grow themselves, their teams and the organization better than they can do themselves.
  • We help individuals better understand and capitalize on their strengths, manage their weaknesses, incorporate their core values, inspire the confidence of others, and increase their overall effectiveness.
  • We are demonstrated and awarded master level certified executive coaches, strategic advisors and leadership development experts.
  • We are former corporate executives who have served as leaders of critical company functions; members of corporate boards, and Human Resources business partners. We have founded companies and served as CEOs.
  • We have changed the professional and personal lives of thousands of individuals.
  • Our own leadership presence, combined with our passion for developing leadership skills in others, inspires organizations to work with us and learn from us.
  • We are objective, reliable, and confidential strategic thought partners and sounding boards.

We Are True Business Partners and Collaborators

We have experience across many industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technology (Networking, Hardware, Software, Cloud Computing, Storage)
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Products
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal Services

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Vision Quest Consulting About Us

We are passionate about learning, discovery, the mastery of leadership development skills and the attainment of critical business results.

We help individuals become their best selves by teaching them the skills necessary to create the results they desire. We are deeply committed to bring out the best in individuals and teams, and help organizations achieve their desired end goals.

We maintain ongoing relationships with the leading global associations for leadership, transformational learning and executive coaching.

These affiliations allow us to be at the forefront of research and leading edge best practices in leadership development. In turn, we provide clients with the best and most effective leadership consulting and programs.

We have both founded and served as directors on the boards of many of the world’s premier executive coaching and leadership development think tanks and communities.


  • Founding members of the International Coach Federation (the largest membership of certified coaches in the world)
  • Founding members of the International Executive Coaching Summit
  • Founding members of the International Consortium of Coaching in Organizations
  • Human Resources Planning Society
  • Human Resources Learning Forum
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • Harvard University Insight Initiative
  • Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
  • The Newfield Network
  • Founding members of Conversation Among Executive Coaching Masters
  • Global Institute of Leadership Development


We have extensive experience working with executives in corporations and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. We partner, affiliate, collaborate, a co-create with other experts in transformational leadership development. We collectively hold a variety of advanced degrees, from business and psychology to organizational development and law.

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