A deeply experiential, cutting-edge virtual leadership program for women who want to learn new ways to navigate their world more powerfully and unleash their place in it.

What’s possible for you?





LOCATION: On Zoom. (Details emailed once registered.) Attend from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or office.


OUR COMMITMENT:  We are deeply committed to the transformation of women so that they take the lead more powerfully in their work and in their lives. What’s possible for you? Come see for yourself.

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY TRANSFORMATION: A new way of thinking, doing, and being that until now has previously been invisible and unseen by you. This new possible way of thinking, doing and being, once discovered by you, will have an enormous impact on your life and have you moved, inspired and touched. Forever. Why should you care? Because if you could discover your true potential and learn how to align that with what matters most to you, your work and life would feel exhilarating and you would be unstoppable.

QUESTION: Has the luster, light, and brightness dulled inside of you? Maybe you blame it on the pandemic. Maybe you have been trying to hold it all together. Maybe you’re thinking your current work, as it is now, just isn’t inspiring you any longer. Here’s the thing…

You only have two choices. Create and step into a new world for yourself or step back into your current circumstances and how it is, right now. The more you step back into the familiar, there is no transformation or change available to you. The more you remain the same, the more you will continue to lose yourself, lose your self-expression, lose more of your voice, shrink your power and the “real you” will dissolve away.

DREAMS: Some of you have given up on your dreams. Some of you don’t have a lot of room in the way you experience your life to dream. Some of you need a new direction, pivot, or creation of a new dream. It’s time. Without having a dream BIG enough to live into, you are destroying the power of who you really are. Learn how to step into your full potential to create a powerful meaningful future for yourself. If you don’t have a powerful future to live into, when things get tough (as they always do), you’ll stop.

Our lives are magical. Your life is magical. But most of us live our life like it’s average and mediocre, at best. The woman you are in the world, is magnificent. Really magnificent. If you could really really really see yourself, it would bring you to your knees with the power of it. Learn to discover and then live into the best of who you are. We’ll help you.

Empower yourself.

Let’s do this. Together.


Come to the Women’s Leadership Lab and create a future to live into that’s worth everything you have a stake.


A lab is a place where deep experiential learning occurs providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, and practice.

The Women’s Leadership Lab is a deeply experiential, cutting-edge leadership program for women who want to learn new ways to navigate their world more powerfully and design and unleash their place in it.

We believe The Women’s Leadership Lab is changing the conversation about women’s leadership. It’s a unique and intensive program where women have the opportunity to develop themselves, explore ideas, practice new behaviors, reduce current roadblocks and most importantly, focus on the unimaginable in order to create a more powerful future for themselves, their organizations and the world. We provide a space, like no other, where women can step safely into their courage and create awareness, inspiration and change that can last a life time.

The Women’s Leadership LabWHO SHOULD ATTEND

The Women’s Leadership Lab is for women who work in organizations, entrepreneurial firms, small businesses, are self-employed or who are in a work transition and trying to figure out what’s next.

Some women return every year as a professional re-set to further develop themselves. Additionally, new women register to experience the leading edge of women’s leadership for the first time. Many women invite their colleagues, their functional teams, their direct reports and their work peer group in order to amplify and accelerate their development, performance and output for themselves and their organizations. Some women come with their college roommates, sisters, daughters, and even girlfriends to have a unique experience together that’s transformational and fun. We recommend bringing at least two women with you to maximize your learning and create a stronger support system.

  • This program is for women who want to touch, experience, and immerse themselves with learning about what’s cutting edge in women’s leadership development and to discover new ways to use their voice, take their seat at the table, and become even more successful and satisfied at work.
  • This program is for women who are tired of floating along on the status quo and are ready for a transformational experience as they take an active role in writing their own legacy.
  • This program is for women who want to develop personal mastery and level-up their leadership.
  • This program is for women who want to grow their exposure, expand their support network and forge invaluable connections with women leaders who come from a wide range of industries, roles, and organizations.
  • This program is for women who know it’s time to take their big dreams and goals and turn them into reality.
  • This program is for women who want to unleash themselves and start making bolder moves professionally.
  • This program is for organizations that want to develop strong female leadership within their organizations.

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Your aim is to make your professional glass runway sparkle.
Our job is to help you make it happen.

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