A Leading Edge Program that Transforms and Advances Women’s Leadership Talent


Advancing Women Leadership Program DetailsAdvancing Women is an in-house women’s leadership development program for organizations that have a strategic business imperative to grow their pipeline of female talent. This program is a critical component for any organization who wants to increase their ability to attract, develop, and retain their talented female workforce.

Women themselves know they have the ability for so much more, but often don’t know how to unleash their own potentials. Most women need a specific kind of guidance in order to learn how to develop their capabilities and effectiveness, to feel successful and have a greater impact in their work, their communities and the world.

“More diversity of women in positions of influence drives more profits and business success.”
Mark Berthiaume, EVP, CIO & Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Hanover Insurance

Many successful companies regard the gender balancing of their workforce as both a source of competitive advantage and a key enabler of their growth.

Quite simply, more women in senior leadership roles leads to substantially better business outcomes. Investment in developing strong female talent should be your organization’s top business priority.

What if you could actually leverage the full power of the women in your organization? If you are thinking about it, we can help you better than anyone else.

This intensive program includes:

  • Forums – In-person facilitated workshops where leading edge learning provokes new thinking, new ideas and new behaviors
  • Activities and Exercises – Embodied learning activities designed to deepen and further embed learned leadership capabilities that includes, group coaching, webinars, learning guides, and fieldwork
  • Project – A Personal Transformation Project declared and executed upon by each participant that supports them to apply their individual learning to a relevant organizational issue, strengthen developmental needs and produce accountability and results for the organization
  • Cohorts – Smaller learning groups designed to further discussions and apply and practice learned concepts
  • Optional Individual 1:1 Coaching is available during and post program for your entire group or a select number of individuals

Today’s best organizations know they need to build a strong female talent pipeline. Having more women leaders in senior level positions creates better business outcomes across the board, leveraging a broader set of capabilities to solve issues and convert on opportunities. Organizations experience higher retention, upward mobility and overall better performance in their female workforce as a result.

VQC Advancing Women Leadership Program


Our Promise is to support women to become the most effective version of themselves, in order to make greater contributions to, and have greater impact on, their teams, organizations, communities, and selves.

We are deeply committed to partnering and co-creating with our clients to build organizations of vibrant, richly diverse, and engaged women who are stepping into their full potential to drive better business results.

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