The success of your entire enterprise depends upon the
cohesiveness and collaboration of your executive team members.

We are experts with over 30 years of experience working with top executives helping them build strong, powerfully producing, senior leadership teams. We advise, consult and coach teams to align, collaborate, value, communicate, and handle conflict more effectively than they can do by themselves.

Executive teams who want to operate at peak performance need coaching similar to any top performing sports team who is playing to win the series, finals or championship game. Extreme results require extreme teamwork. Extreme teamwork requires a coach both on the field and in the executive suite, to help all players align together in powerful ways to produce extraordinary results.


Executive Team Strategic Planning Off-Sites

We facilitate your strategic planning off-sites to help you:

  • Align executives around focus and priorities
  • Galvanize corporate performance
  • Strengthen the company’s position in its industry
  • Explore strategic issues in depth and produce a set of strategic priorities
  • Produce think tank conversations to further innovative company growth

Team Alignment and Team Building Sessions

Outside facilitation of senior teams ensures that:

  • Team members communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Groups are aligned on key business goals
  • Critical decisions are reached more quickly
  • Roadblocks in working relationships are diminished or eliminated
  • Action plans are developed for short and long-term strategies
Executive Team Strategy Program

Benefits of Team Building

These team sessions accelerate productivity, minimize power struggles and positioning, and eliminates typical department-centric thinking as they foster creative and innovative solutions to issues and challenges.

Senior Team Development VQC

Leadership Assessments

We implement a suite of leadership assessments ranging from individual inventories and profiles to confidential 360 degree feedback processes and stakeholder interviews in order to:

  • Provide honest, critical feedback from peers, direct reports and cross-functional team members
  • Illuminate leadership strengths, weaknesses, styles, and tendencies
  • Identify what is and is not working and develop strategies to increase effectiveness moving forward

Understanding strengths and weaknesses is essential to developing a strong leadership presence and getting results. Honest performance feedback is rarely expressed directly in the workplace. Our leadership assessment tools help individuals gain necessary knowledge to drive their careers and organizations to develop their leaders.

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