Every executive who wants to excel and remain at the top of their game, needs a coach.

Executive Coaching is a powerful vehicle for change. We help individuals step into their full potential, inspire greatness in themselves and increase their ability to produce extraordinary results.

As master-level Executive Coaches, we are a confidential sounding board and strategic thought partner for leaders, high potential leaders, and those identified as top talent who want to raise their ability to perform at their peak to:

  • Presence – Increase executive presence, personal power, personal effectiveness and influence

  • Potential – Step more fully into their potential to exceed their professional goals and personal desires

  • Strengths – Expand their leadership strengths and skills

  • Blind spots – Overcome personal and external roadblocks and blind spots (what you can’t see by yourself)

  • Effectiveness – Modify communication styles, behaviors, and strategies to improve individual, employee and team effectiveness

  • Relationships – Expand their ability to manage complex relationships

  • De-Railers – Address problem behaviors that could become career de-railers

  • Performance – Inspire themselves and others toward greater performance

Our Executive Coaching Goals and Objectives

  • Expand leadership capacity by facilitating the individual’s learning about themselves
  • Stretch individuals into their fullest leadership potential by increasing personal power, executive presence and influence
  • Develop and embed key core leadership mindsets, competencies, and skills
  • Develop new strategies for business success and achieving goals
  • Manage and navigate strategic alliances, relationships and key stakeholders
  • Foster networks to address complex, multi-sectoral issues and challenges and silos
  • Resolve complex issues and challenges through providing a confidential sounding board and advisory role
  • Achieve identified business results faster and better
  • Create greater success in conducting high impact and difficult conversations
  • Enhance and refine personal leadership brand
  • Transform the communication, relationships, and results of management teams
  • Increase personal effectiveness, performance, and managerial habits and behaviors

We equip leaders with the skills and behaviors that unlock their potential.

As a strategic and powerful resource for leaders and their organizations, we offer Executive Coaching. Executive Coaching is a proven success strategy for developing powerful leadership in organizations and personal and professional transformation in emerging and top talent leaders.

We equip executives with the skills and behaviors to dramatically increase their performance and their ability to achieve superior business results and personal success. Our Executive Coaching services help organizations grow their leadership by developing leaders, teams, and change agents.

At Vision Quest Consulting, our Executive Coaches serve as confidential thought-partners, sounding boards, and advisors to help our clients create personal mastery as they learn to more effectively leverage themselves and increase their personal and business impact.

Vision Quest Consulting ServicesOUR EXPERIENCE

A partial list of our Executive Coaching engagements include CVSHealth, MetLife, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, EMC, IBM, Disco Systems, Hanover Insurance, Monotype Imaging, Healthcare Financial, Children’s Hospital Boston, McKinsey & Company, Hearts on Fire, Pfizer, HP, Partners Healthcare, Harbor Healther Services, Mark Anthony Group, Donaldson Company, Medtronic, Matrix Solutions, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Fike Corporation.

Executive Coaching is a fully customized process. Contact us about Executive Coaching and we will be happy to discuss engagement components, length, and investment.


Firm-wide Leadership Coaching and or Executive Coaching initiatives enable organizations to develop all of the top talent in their organization at the same time in order to rocket their business outcomes, develop their bench strength, and determine the future leaders of their organization.

We help your organization:

  • Assess existing leadership competencies of individuals and teams
  • Identify cultural impediments to achieving business goals
  • Ensure new leadership skills, behaviors and frameworks are applied consistently throughout the organization, tied into business goals and strategies, aligned with future direction, and sustainable over time
  • Achieve desired business results and return on investment


Our coaches are selected for their seniority, their experience, their robust business backgrounds, and their track record of success in creating sustainable change at the most senior levels in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start up organizations.

Our coaches have had founding or lead roles in the following organizations: Executive Coaching Summit, International Consortium of Coaching, Conversation Among Masters, International Coach Federation, and the Transformational Leadership Council.


Some organizations choose Leadership or Executive Coaching for individuals who have unique, new or challenging leadership or management roles, including:

  • On-boarding new executive hires
  • Preparing top contributors for more responsibilities and broader roles
  • Developing high potential leaders and managers
  • Increasing impact and raising presence, profile, effectiveness, and results
  • Improving communication, cultural, interpersonal or performance challenges

Individuals also approach Vision Quest Consulting privately for their own development needs in leadership, career advancement and career transition.

Common challenges include:

  • Figuring out what’s next
  • Unleashing their potential to create a new or more powerful future
  • Reducing stress, overwhelm and overcapacity
  • Identifying their gifts and talents and finding the best way to use them to obtain the results they want
  • Feeling stuck, stale or frozen
  • Building confidence and developing a plan to move their careers forward


Our Executive Coaching services help organizations rigorously grow their leadership bench strength by developing leaders, teams and change agents. We equip leaders with the skills and behaviors that unlock their potential, broaden their leadership capabilities and performance, build more effective strategic alliances and relationships, and achieve truly ambitious goals.

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