Everything you do at work can be categorized as either bad…good…or great.

Let’s see how you measure up.

Write down what you do work wise that you would call BAD work.

What is BAD work? Bad work is mind numbing, soul sucking, the 3 hours you just feel was wasted being in that stupid meeting, something you are doing that you would consider a waste of money, bandwidth and/or time.

Make another list of what you do at work that you would call GOOD work.

What is GOOD work? Good work is written somewhere in your job description, it’s productive work, it’s what your boss expects and wants you to do, it’s important work.

Now make a 3rd list of what you do at work that you would consider GREAT work.

What is GREAT work? Great work is work where you feel like you make an impact. It’s work you do that makes a real difference. It’s meaningful work that lights you up and your people up.

Now…here’s where the rubber meets the road….

Ask yourself how are you spending your time right now at work?

Take out a piece of paper and draw a big circle on it. Break the circle into 3 segments of how you are spending your time…percentage of bad, good and great work.

Now ask yourself,
1. What do I notice about my pie chart that makes me happy?
2. Not so happy?
3. Do I have the right mix for me, my team, and my organization at this time?
4. How do I get to do more great work?
5. If I could find one thing that would be great work (like a great work project), what might I do?

Remember, leadership is a practice and requires constant attention to grow ourselves and our leadership to the next level. Try this and let me know what you discovered. You can email me at info@visionquestconsulting.com.