Recently, I launched the Women’s Leadership Lab. It is our once a year public program for any professional woman who wants to develop herself into a stronger leader who feels appreciated and valued for what she brings to the table. It was a magnificent day with 80 women supporting each other to become more of their best selves more of the time. One thing I know from 15 years now of working in the women’s leadership arena, is that there are professional pitfalls women often experience, often without realizing it. These pitfalls limit their success overall and we need to be aware of them and fix them before it’s too late.

Professional Pitfalls

  • #1 We keep taking ourselves out of the game.

We have to stop sabotaging ourselves and need help in order to recognize when we’re doing this.

  • #2 We’re not even sure what game we are playing or want to play, and this matters…a lot.

We need to better define what we want and then, and only then, can we set a solid path to get there.

  • #3 There’s often a big gap between what we are capable of and how we spend our day at work.

There’s so much more we each want to feel deeply satisfied and to make a big difference in our work. Why do we settle? Why don’t we speak up? Why are we afraid to rock the boat?

What can you do?

I’m here to help. Of course you can come to our Women’s Leadership Lab next April but in the meantime, I just revised my book Your Next Bold Move for Women and it will help you (and men alike) to close the gap between where you are and where you really want to be.

It’s a structure to follow like a map. The structure outlined in the book uses a coaching-like format that gives readers a template to follow step-by-step. This easy to follow workbook will help you think bolder about what you really want, work through your most difficult challenges, and provide you with a tried and true methodology to execute on your goals and turn it all into your new reality.

I know it seems like a cure all but honestly, I’ve been using this book with thousands of clients over the last few years as they develop a plan to get what they want professionally. It works.

This book a great for someone who wants to make a change. It’s great for someone out of work trying to figure out what to do next. It’s a great book for someone who is not happy with their current work circumstances. And it’s a great book for someone who wants to take themselves beyond what they think is possible.

Take Action.

Click here to get your newly revised book for yourself or someone you love. Now available on Kindle too! Click here:Your Next Bold Move for Women!

You’ll be glad you did.

(p.s. By the way, registration is open for our 2020 Women’s Leadership Lab Click here to learn more!)