Have you ever thought of how a personal Board of Directors might help you?

A personal Board of Directors is helpful if you are looking to get promoted, climb the corporate ladder, or just generally grow yourself professionally but you aren’t sure quite how to do it. Creating a personal Board of Directors is a fantastic way to guide, mentor, and coach yourself to get somewhere that you are not yet.

We all need extreme support (you can read ore about this in my book, Your Next Bold Move) in order to grow professionally.  We often surround ourselves with people like us, which doesn’t give us much diversity of thought to challenge our assumptions and our belief patterns.  I’ve had a personal Board of Directors for years and I change individual seats as I continue to grow and grow bolder in my sights and execution

 Types of People that might change your perspective regarding Your Personal Board of Directors

  1. The Committed Listener – someone who is interested in you, who cares about you deeply, and gets you at your core (understands what matters to you most)
  2. The Catalyst – someone who pushes you to grow and who mentors you to get there
  3. The Wise Elder – someone who is 5-10 years ahead of you who helps you see the big picture
  4. The Wise Younger  – someone who is younger than you are by 5-10 years ad provides a different perspective

Reading the roles above, you probably have some of these roles filled and most likely need to look to fill one or two. Although I have a wise younger on my Board, I don’t think I spend enough time with her and will look to change this next year.  Wouldn’t this be a great goal for all of us in 2018 to build our personal Boards as we start a new year to become more of our best selves and unleash our potential more and more to make our next bold move!

Remember, leadership is a practice and requires constant attention to grow ourselves and our leadership to the next level. You can email me at info@visionquestconsulting.com to let me know if this was helpful for your future career development.

Here’s to a successful year ahead!

Chief Executive Officer, Vision Quest Consulting