I believe strongly that you should be the one to manage and navigate your own career instead of waiting for someone else (your boss, the CEO, Human Resources, or the Universe) to offer you your next opportunity.

Create your own damn future and stop waiting to be noticed, tapped, or promoted.

How do you start? I’m glad you asked. One great place to start is requesting that your boss meet with you regularly; I call these one-on-one meetings or roll up weeklies. You can run these meetings once a week or every other week but no longer than that. Yes, once a month is too long in-between these kinds of meetings and no, it does not count if you meet with your boss on other topics regularly, this is different and should be treated as such. These meetings can be as short as 30 minutes in length although I prefer an hour.

What do you do during this time?

Here is a format I recommend to structure the time most efficiently and to get the most out of it for yourself.

Topics to cover with your boss or to suggest as a format for your employees to meet with you…

1. What I did this week
2. What I feel most proud of
3. Things you should know
4. Things I need from you
5. What my goals are for next week

Remember, leadership is a practice and requires constant attention to grow ourselves and our leadership to the next level. Try this and let me know how it turns out. You can email me at info@visionquestconsulting.com.