5 Tips to STOP doing to increase your power, your influence and your ability to get promoted.

Today we’re going to talk about five things that you can, and should, stop doing in order to make yourself stronger as a woman leader both in your current role and out into the world. These 5 things will help to increase your effectiveness as a female leader.

#1: Stop waiting.  Stop waiting for clarity, waiting for someone to give you permission, waiting to be inspired or someone to offer you an opportunity.

#2: Stop undervaluing. Some women tend to undervalue themselves and believe their accomplishments will speak for themselves and someone will notice them or their work. While some women are busy undervaluing themselves, many men do just the opposite and overestimate their abilities and their performance. It’s important to advocate for ourselves. We have to tell other people what we want.

#3: Stop self-sabotaging. This speaks to our self-talk and habitual belief systems that are embedded and embodied where we think we’re not enough. Not smart enough, not ready enough, not enough degrees… we need to start becoming aware of those beliefs that sabotage us!

#4: Stop using minimizing language. Using certain words as we step into a conversation. Stop saying, the words “just”, “a little bit” as two examples. We often use minimizing phrases that infer what we are about to say is not that important.

#5: Stop shrinking. Start sharing your accomplishments. Speak about them, own them, and embody them. It’s knowing at a deep level that you contribute greatly, you have value, you have talent or else you wouldn’t be where you are in your job.

We have developed an Advancing Women’s Leadership Program. Advancing Women is an in-house women’s leadership development program for organizations that have a strategic business imperative to grow their pipeline of female talent. This program is a critical component for any organization who wants to increase their ability to attract, develop, and retain their talented female workforce.

Women themselves know they have the ability for so much more, but often don’t know how to unleash their own potentials. Most women need a specific kind of guidance in order to learn how to develop their capabilities and effectiveness, to feel successful and have a greater impact in their work, their communities and the world.

Leadership is a practice.  Keep practicing.