“I think your beliefs about what you can do are holding you back, Wendy,” he said and I was stunned into silence.

I’ve been weight lifting at the gym now for a few years. Nothing crazy, just consistent strength training to be strong, age well, and develop some muscle definition. To keep me on track and moving forward better than I can do by myself, I workout with Jake the trainer, once a week. In yesterday’s workout, I asked Jake what he saw about my potential that I might not see for myself. His response stopped me in my tracks and REALLY GOT MY ATTENTION.

“This is you, you think small, like this,” he illustrated by making a small box with his fingers.

“Me? Think small? Seriously? Are you kidding?,” I thought to myself. And then it hit me, Gosh, maybe I am and I don’t know it.

I have done enough personal development work to know, what self-limiting beliefs might be holding me back at the gym, are probably holding me back in other aspects of my life as well. He had my full attention.

And thus, the work real work begins. Click on the video image to of me to the left and learn how to stop what might be stopping you!