Take a little time to do this exercise with someone you trust. It can make all the difference this year.

So now it’s February and either your New Year’s Resolutions are a sweet dream of the past or you are on track. If you want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions from tanking in 2019, you have to get out of your ordinary routine otherwise you run the risk of falling short.

Want to increase your chances of obtaining your goals? One fun way to do this is to grab a friend, partner, or spouse and ask each other four questions. Taking a little time to do this exercise with someone you trust, can make all the difference in reaching your goals this year, or not. Check out our previous blog post about the 3 Steps to Create Your New Year!

I have been coaching Minda Zetlin, contributing author for Inc.com, for a few years now and she’s been writing about her intimate coaching experience regularly in Inc.com. Her most recent article will change the way you successfully implement your New Year’s Resolutions and keep them from totally tanking. Minda’s doing this exercise with her husband. Who’s the right person to share it with for you?

p.s. Check out the 2 minute video tip sheet at the end of the article!