“It’s a shame not to win in your own fantasy.” says Anna Huckabee Tull

So I ask you…Do you know what your professional fantasy/dream is?  I am in the middle of creating what’s next for me…aka my fantasy.  I LOVE this stage of thinking about what’s next, imagining what I will do, and who I will work with to do it.  All this LOVE gooey feeling happens of course only when I’m not thinking I’m crazy or worrying about how I will ever pull it off.

And then I read this great line…It’s a shame not to win in your own fantasy. What a novel idea! It occurred to me in this light bulb moment that since I am the creator of my own dream about what’s next, maybe the way to think about it, plan it, envision it, is to imagine the big idea I REALLY want, not the one I am afraid to dream about because I’m either afraid, clearly don’t know the right people, and have no clue how to make it work.


I don’t think I’m alone on this one. I think every one of us has a next move ready for us to dream about and start to launch.

Did you know that our minds easily realize the difference between reality and imagination. However, it is not imagination but dreams or other altered states of consciousness where our mind fails to realize the difference between reality and what we are imagining.

So what’s yours?

Can you see it in your minds eye?

Can you feel it inside your body where it feels like butterflies are dancing on your gut?

If you didn’t hold yourself back is there something you are imagining that makes you giggle with the sheer joy of the imagining of it?

Yup.  Me too. So what do we do next?

Some ideas. You could always read my book, Your Next Bold Move for Women, which will give you a template to follow, even if you are a guy. You could always use the 10 Tips from the email I sent out a couple of weeks ago, listed again below. You could hire yourself a coach to help you navigate these strange waters and help you blast through your own self limitations and worries (that’s what I’ve done). You could create a vision board for yourself (google it, there are lots of online resources and ideas to get you started).

Here’s the thing though.  Do something! The idea is to create a clear vibrant vision of what you want.  So clear you can hardly sit still with the excitement you feel every time you think about it.

So go for it.  And let me know how it’s going.

I am a believer that the fastest strategy ever is beginning with the big dream.

Here’s to your boldness (and of course your dreams),