Sometimes I get discouraged but in spite of it all, I believe we women are a force to be reckoned with.

Most of the time, I’m an optimist, glass half full, and a little Miss Mary Sunshine type of gal. However, on October 23rd, The Wall Street Journal had an eight page journal report called, Women in the Workplace which pretty much indicated that on all fronts women are really not making any progress forward, in spite of all the recent focus and attention.  Here’s the link if you want to read the report:

One can’t help but be discouraged.

Are you satisfied? I’m not, yet.

I wonder what would have me be satisfied that we as women are playing on an even playing field.

I wonder what it will take for each of us to feel as if we are enough most of the time.

I’m getting tired of the turtle slow movement towards equal treatment, equal pay, and equal representation at The Table for women in the corporations in which I work.

I want it all for each of us who want to contribute more of the best of who we are in order to make a deeper impact in our jobs, in our communities, and throughout our lives.

And I want it to be easy. I don’t want to work harder or smarter or have to think about holding on so tightly to the things I think I deserve and try to convince management, the executives and sometimes, even my husband, to let me in and shine as brightly as we each dare.

It’s our time.

At this time in history, we seem to have the floor and the microphone to make our mark. We are starting to use our voices and be heard in ways we have not before. There are many of us who are no longer willing to be quiet and play nice and we are speaking up for what we want and believe we deserve. We are not taking no or not now for an answer.

So, what are you doing to level up your leadership right now as a woman? Are you doing enough?  Could you do just a little more?

Are you bringing another woman or two with you as you walk this path of expansion for yourself?  (I love the saying as one is lifted all are lifted).

Do you need a teacher?

We all need support and a guide to facilitate our way, to show us what’s possible, and to inspire our actions. If you feel you could do more, if you think having some guidance to help you clearly outline your next steps would be helpful, register for our Women’s Leadership Lab and take yourself to the next place in your big bold beautiful leadership journey.

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