How many of you are at a professional crossroad right now? A professional crossroad is a moment in your career that has you wondering about what’s next in store for you.

Professional crossroads are awesome junctures in our career full of hope and promise, even though some days may also feel full of angst and uncertainty. How do you know if you are at one of these crossroads? Read the list of questions below and see for yourself.

  1. Are you not all that happy with your current job?
  2. Do you like or even love your job but think there might be a new or different way to use your skill set?
  3. Does your job feel a bit repetitive or boring….“been-there, done-that”?
  4. Do you feel underutilized, under valued, or under appreciated in your current role?
  5. Do you feel a calling towards something bigger for yourself if you could just figure out what that means?
  6. Do you feel like you have more in you to contribute and your best gifts and talents are just not being used enough in your day to day role?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions above, welcome to the professional crossroads club where many people are thinking it’s time to do something new or different.

  • It may mean you will leave your company.
  • It may mean you will switch careers entirely.
  • It may mean you will stay in your same company but move into a different role.
  • It may mean you will go back to school to get some training, degree or certificate.

It definitely means your work life as you know it will not be the same for long.

Buckle up, your next transition is about to begin!