A Mastermind group is an intimate deep “personal discovery” program that helps group members think more deeply about what’s possible for themselves as leaders and devise a plan get there. There are many good reasons to join one, so read on.

Men have used the idea of masterminding for years. Long ago Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about it.  Well known men like Henry FordThomas EdisonAlexander Graham BellTheodore RooseveltJohn D. Rockefeller, and Charles M. Schwab[1]  used the mastermind concept to build their empires and business brand. Today, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson can be found gathering thought-leaders together to flush out new ideas, problem solve big complex problems, and to launch new projects. Masterminds are a strategic tool to use to grow your business and yourself.

Women Lead Differently Than Men

A women’s Mastermind group is specifically centered around the unique leadership issues and challenges women face. I believe strongly that women lead differently than men and need a specific type of guidance to be their most powerful selves at work. Most of us, especially women, are either so busy busy working and taking care of everyone else, we put ourselves last. Often women don’t stop long enough to step back and strategically think about what’s next professionally, how to get there, and what might be stopping us from being as successful as they want to become.

My Personal Mastermind Group

Personally, I am currently a participant in a newly formed professional Mastermind Group that met for the first time about a month ago. What I loved best about my experience was that I got straight-talk feedback coaching about where to focus myself next. Personally, this got me excited and lit up. I also loved coming home with new ideas, an action plan to apply aligned with my passions and a couple of professional buddies to make sure I stayed on track. I had no idea I was feeling stagnant and a bit uninspired. Since the Mastermind session, I’ve been working on my action plan and although I’m pretty busy at work, I’m feeling good about my slow but methodical progress. I realize now even though I thought I knew where to focus myself,  I didn’t. My goodness, I’m in the business, aren’t I?! What I learned was that I need help because I’m too close to it all and I have some blind spots that have been really holding me back. This was not easy to hear but I really appreciated the honest feedback. Most importantly, I am reminded that I really benefit from a guided structured professional development day to focus on just me. Without any other distractions. Maybe this is true for you too.

3 Reasons to Join a Mastermind

  1. Objective Advice

Would you find it valuable to get some objective, non-judgemental, and unbiased help figuring out what’s really best for you next professionally? Most people who are close to us, either at home or at work, have a stake in our choices and outcomes and therefore aren’t really the best people to advise us objectively. A Mastermind group will give you real coaching, feedback, and thought-partnership to help you brainstorm new possibilities that maybe you didn’t realize you were even thinking about.

  1. Action Planning and Accountability

Would you find it helpful to have an intimate intensive personal coaching experience so powerful? Wouldn’t it be great to discover your next bold move AND outline a strategy and action plan to implement immediately to get there? A Mastermind group will help you set up accountability structures to keep you focused and on track.

  1. Think Bigger

Is it time for you to learn to more powerfully leverage your best self, your skills and talents, and identify where you unconsciously keep stopping yourself? Most of us unknowingly have behaviors that stop or sabotage us. We can’t think bigger if we shrink ourselves. The Mastermind group provides a confidential, safe and supportive environment. It is a  deep learning, and network-building experience to help members explore their hidden strengths, self-assess the behaviors and tendencies that limit effectiveness and prevent upward mobility. These groups are designed to help each and every member discover fresh ideas to increase effectiveness and happiness.

Masterminds are a wonderful career management tool to help expand your ideas and soar to new heights personally and professionally. I highly recommend them!

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