Participating virtually.


Date: May 5, 2021
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Live Stream Registration: $315

How our live stream works: We are filming the entire program live, so you will be able to see everything happening throughout the entire day from the comfort of your home or office!  One week before the event, we will send you instructions and a private link to join us remotely on the day of the event. In addition, we have set it up for you to participate in doing the exercises along with us, and to be able to ask questions and get answers live. You will have access to the recording for a week after the event if you are unable to participate for the entire day. Live stream is a great way to attend if you aren’t able to attend live! Scroll down further on this page to learn whether live stream is a good choice for you.

We had such a great time at Wendy’s Women’s Leadership Lab this week! Many of us attended from the same company.  We set up a skype session and opened up the skype phone and participated in all the exercises together. It was a great to participate virtually!

I really wanted to attend this Women’s Leadership Lab last year and wasn’t able to. It was so great you are now offering a virtual opportunity for those of us who can’t get there. Most importantly with a fantastic group of women! 

The live stream was AWESOME! I loved being able to see in the room and see Wendy! For visual the atheistic were good, would be nice to have a ‘round the room view on occasion, like when she is doing the group activities, otherwise it is good just to focus on her.  This is definitely a great option for more people to join remotely. As a side note, some of us opened a skype call so when group activities occurred, we were not left out. We did our own and it was fun!

Thank you for providing this live stream opportunity! It was awesome.



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Determine Whether Live Stream is a Good Choice For You

Why live stream

This women’s leadership program is unique and often highly transformational for participants. It is most beneficial to attend in-person as there is lots of interaction as part of the program design. If you are unable to attend in-person, live stream is a practical and enjoyable alternative.

What is it

Live streaming refers to our ability to online stream The Women’s Leadership Lab simultaneously as we record and broadcast in real time. What this means is we click a button on our end and start sharing our live broadcast with you. You can watch on your phone or computer from anywhere in the world and also watch the recording of the live video later. Did you know that it is said that live streaming has the highest rate of engagement of all online content types?

What are the benefits

It’s real-time.

Streaming means watching in ‘real time’, instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. It’s so great because:

  • It makes our content accessible to you, without you having to be with us in-person.
  • It offers you a level of interaction and engagement that downloadable content does not offer.
  • It brings you a bit closer to us and creates a sense of community.
  • It gives you an opportunity to interact with others in the live stream and for us to interact with you. You can post comments or questions and they show up live, automatically. This instant gratification may have you feel more of a part of the program, even though you are attending virtually.

What are the disadvantages

As much as live streaming has its benefits, it sometimes has its disadvantages:

Sometimes people feel left out as they are watching the program take place versus being there in-person. As you might imagine, virtual participation does not give you the same experience of connection and learning as the in-person experience.

Expect the occasional technical glitches. A slow Internet connection on your end may often stop your video experience to buffer, be of low video quality or have warped sound. This can be frustrating. There can also be glitches with the platform which may cause the live stream to crash (this does not happen very often but it can) and it might take time for you and or us to get you up and running again.

Live streaming can take up a lot of battery so it’s important to be plugged into a power source the entire time.

When we break, go to lunch or just stretch, we hope you will do the same, virtually. This may seem like long stretches of time where nothing is really happening. It’s a long day so we try and give you lots of opportunity to also break and stretch with us. Having time to integrate the learning occurs during these breaks in the program and they are strategically planned as part of the program design. Please take advantage of them right alongside us.

What you can do to increase your live stream user experience?

1. Test your system 30 minutes ahead of time and make sure you can get onto the live stream early to plan for any unplanned technical issues on your end.

2. If you are attending with others in your organization, put together a skype group so you can do the exercises and activities with other people who are also participating but not in the same location. This works really well.

3. If there are many of you from the same organization participating together, you might consider sitting in one conference room, however we recommend using your own computer with your own set of headphones so you can hear well and have a personal development experience for yourself vs all sharing one screen. When the exercises and activities occur, you can then partner with a colleague in the room to get the full participation experience.

4. If you are attending by yourself and don’t know anyone else participating virtually, consider doing the exercises and activities later with a colleague, spouse, partner, boss, employee, mentor to enrich your learning and development experience.

5. Don’t expect the live stream to take the place of the in-person experience. We offer live stream as an alternative for those who cannot attend and understand it does not provide the same sense of connection, community, and personalization as it would if you were with us on-site.

We are delighted to have you join us for the live stream experience of The Women’s Leadership Lab and look forward to a wonderful day of women supporting women, together.

Please print out and save this page to prepare yourself to have an extraordinary live stream experience.

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