• WOMEN RISING leadership development series is designed specifically to inspire, empower, and develop more and more women into powerful leaders. This series will benefit any woman who has a desire to level herself up and doesn’t know what to do or where to start. This series will benefit your organization if you are:
    • Struggling to attract, retain and advance women into more leadership roles.
    • Committed to providing leadership development support for women but don’t know how.
    • Lost in a sea of talent development options for your women and don’t know where to start.
    Using my 30 plus years of executive coaching and leadership development experience, what I notice is women crave and need the specific skills and behavior “how-tos” in order to raise their confidence, remove their personal roadblocks, and develop themselves as strong leaders. Most women know they have the ability for so much more, but often don’t know how to unleash their own potential effectively. The content throughout the Women Rising series can provide women with everything they will need to know to step into themselves more fully and remove the sticky floor syndrome behaviors that are getting in the way of their leadership. This purchase includes all 7 Modules which consist of 35 Lessons of skill and competency based instructional videos with 35 companion Coaching Guides for women and their organizations who want to lead more powerfully at work and in their lives and want to accelerate the process.
  • In this module, we will examine the top most common mistakes many professional women make that reduce their professional power and presence. Most of the time women don’t know they do these things on a regular basis. Knowing what they are and what to do about them will help you be perceived as more professional and valuable and feel better about yourself.
  • Now that you have a clearer idea of the 10 most common mistakes women make and what to do about them, practicing shifting your behavior in the areas that most challenge you, is your next step. This Lesson will leave you with a strategic action plan to implement to help you further reduce the mistakes that might be holding you back professionally.
  • This Lesson will help you develop a stronger sense of yourself and your abilities. No matter what job you have or what level of experience, women tend to fall into 4 major mistakes that negatively impact their professional power, leading to us feeling less capable and ill at ease with what we bring to the table.
  • This Lesson will help you examine the way you think and then act based on the way you feel about yourself. Our self-perceptions can make us strong and confident or unsure with self-doubt. Being aware of what you perceive is a good start to being able to shift the behaviors that no longer serve you.
  • This Lesson will help you answer the question, am I unknowingly doing something through the way I communicate that might be taking me out of the game I want to play at work? Am I minimizing myself by the way I speak? Is there a way to use the power of my language to raise my professional profile? The answer is, YES, YES YES!
  • Your distinct competitive advantage is your authentic self. Our authentic selves are at the heart of our power. In this module, we will teach you powerful ways to expand and own your power and influence. And learn a few new strategies along the way.
  • This Lesson will leave you with a strategic action plan to implement to help you further reduce behaviors that might be holding you back professionally.
  • Women question themselves more often than men as we wonder if we are smart enough, educated enough, thin enough, talented enough, know enough, pretty enough, etc. What we think and feel drives what we say and do. If you think you are not enough, you will act in ways that confirm these thoughts. In this lesson, you will learn what causes your inner critic to activate and strategies to diminish your inner critic. It takes focus then practice to stop placing harsh judgment on yourself. Let’s start now.
  • Every one of us has two jobs at the same time. Most of us forget about our careers and think if we just focus on doing a good job, the career will take care of itself. NOT! In this lesson, you will learn the strategies to keep sight on your career impactfully, while focusing on your current job/work.
  • Anyone who is serious about their career needs a personal board of directors to support them. Do you know the top 3 most impactful people everyone needs in their professional life? This Lesson will help you craft your own professional board of directors to support you.
  • In general, women are often pretty good at developing relationships with others, but don’t often know how to best benefit from them fully professionally. In this Lesson, we are going to explore the answers to the following questions. “If you could have the most awesome network to support you, what might you be able to do or have or be that you don’t have now?” “Is there something you are wanting that you have not obtained?” Let’s do this thing!
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