Business coaches are called by many names.    Executive Advisors.  Leadership Coaches.  Executive Coaching Consultants.  It’s less important how you refer to these experts and more important to find the right person to work with you and your team; someone who is experienced with what you are trying to accomplish.  So how do you work most effectively with these Executive Coaching Consultants, Advisors, and Coaches?

Executive Coaching Consultants

Here are the 3 Ways to Effectively Use an Executive Coaching Consultant

1.    Know What Problem You Are Looking to Solve.

I got a call from a client the other day who said they wanted to hire me to come in and work with one of their managers to help her develop stronger leadership skills.  Pretty straight forward, right?  Well, not really.  I started the assignment by conducting stakeholder interviews and it turns out this manager’s interpersonal skills wer so aggressive people did not want to work with her.  Yikes.  This did not resemble developing leadership skills.  Really what they needed was interpersonal communications coaching aka charm school to help her soften her communication and learn to play nice in the sand box not leadership development. Be clear about what you need what problem you are trying to solve.

2.  Find a Good Match.

Make sure before you select an Executive Coaching Consultant to work with that it is a good match. A good match consists of the Executive Coach having the right amount of prior experience working in your industry.  A good match consists of a Coach who has right personality and style to work with those you want to develop.  Find someone who is masterful at working with organizational change, managing high stakes conversations, developing strategy, executing with excellence, and knows how to grow and develop teams. The martial arts says that doing something 10,000 repetitions has one operating at the master level.  Does this Coach have 10,000 hours behind them in the arenas in which you need the most help?

3.   Incorporate Feedback Everywhere.

As individuals advance to the executive level, feedback, especially development feedback, becomes increasingly important, and somehow even though it is more important it is often more infrequent, and more unreliable.

Thousands of companies have made coaching a core part of their executive development process. The reason for this is that, under the right circumstances, one-on-one objective feedback with an Executive Coaching Consultant who is an objective third party, can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.  Although Executive Coaching Consulting was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct under or poor performers, today it has become more mainstream and widely used in supporting top producers. In fact, in a survey by Right Management Consultants,  86% of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders. Executive Coaching is a fabulous tool to develop leaders in the context of their current jobs, by providing them with real-time developmental feedback without removing them from their day-to-day environment, roles, or responsibilities.

All of the Executive Coaches that work for our firm Vision Quest Consulting are master-level coaches.  If you want to talk to us, with no obligation or charge, we would be happy to hear about the leadership problem you are trying to solve.



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